"From the depths of our guilt, we cry out in hope to the Lord, the promised Sun of Justice.  In His rising from the tomb dawns the day of our salvation".

Psalm 130

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you find the information you are seeking.  If you are interested in purchasing a grave, crypt or niche, please contact us at (973) 942-3368.  Our staff is available to assist you in making pre-arrangements and can answer any questions you may have.

NEW SECTION... for the interment of cremated remains.  

Do you have your loved one's cremated remains at home? Don't know what to do with the cremated remains?

In 2016, the Vatican announced burial rites involving cremated remains of the deceased.  Because Holy Sepulchre is a Catholic cemetery and, in an effort to address the needs of our Catholic families, a new section has been established specifically for the interment of cremated remains. This is another option to in-ground burial aside from purchasing a grave.

If you have your loved one's cremated remains at home we kindly encourage you to bring them to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery where you can secure a dignified, final resting place where family and friends may come visit, reflect and pray. If you have any questions, or would like more information please call us at 973-942-3368. 

Questions about making pre-arrangements?

The staff at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is available to assist you with any questions you may have.  Spare your family from having to make these difficult decisions in the future by selecting your final resting place today. Crypts, Niches and Graves are available for purchase today. Call 973-942-3368 to make a no -obligation appointment.

Mausoleum Construction Updates & Reminders . . .

We are very happy to announce the construction of the new additions to the mausoleum has been completed. The new corridors are open for visitation. Thank you for your patience.

As the mausoleum has undergone extensive construction to expand and renovate this beautiful final resting place for our loved ones, we remind you that food and pets are strictly prohibited.

When installing artificial flower arrangements reachers are available throughout the building to assist you. Please do not stand on the benches. They are not intended for standing on. If you cannot install your floral arrangement, please bring them to the office and the cemetery staff will install them for you.  Thank you.

To view pictures of the construction progress, simply click on the MAUSOLEUM link above and select from the drop down menu. 

Deer On Property

Resident deer living on the property have been seen feeding on freshly planted flowers throughout the cemetery.  If you find that the flowers you have recently planted at your loved one's gravesite have been disturbed it may be the deer and not a thief or vandal.  Deer-resistant plants and flowers are highly recommended. Your local garden center can help make suggestions and recommendations.

As we realize the wildlife can be a nuisance to some, New Jersey State Law prohibits hunting on cemetery property.  Any threats to cause harm or death to the wildlife are taken seriously and reported to local authorities. 

Deer Resistant Plants

Some deer resistant plants include vincas, salvia, liriope, lavender, echinacea (coneflower), daffodils, foxgloves, juniper, pachysandra, black-eyed-susan and many others.  Consult your local garden center for more suggestions and varieties.



On Memorial Day we remember all who have gone to be with the Lord while serving in our country's armed forces. Flags may be placed at the gravesites of veterans throughout the cemetery.  A friendly reminder, flags are permitted from Memorial Day until Independence Day.  We thank you in advance for honoring the veterans and observing cemetery rules.



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