Monsignor Mark Giordani,
from the Cathedral of Saint John The Baptist in Paterson,
will celebrate Memorial Day Mass
on Monday, May 28th at 10:30 AM.
Please join us.
In the event of inclement weather, mass will be celebrated in the mausoleum.


Future Mosaics

To learn more about how you can make a donation to fund and support the future mosaics that will be installed in and around the mausoleum please go to our page "Future Mosaics" which can be found under the 'New/Events' tab at the top of the screen, or click here.

Thank you for visiting our website. Holy Sepulchre Roman Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum is the parish cemetery of Saint John the Baptist Cathedral located in Paterson, New Jersey.  This cemetery has 65 acres of land dedicated to the burial of our Catholic families, and offers both in-ground and above-ground burial. 

We welcome all visitors who wish to pay their respects to family and friends.  Section maps are available for downloading to facilitate navigating through the cemetery.  If you would like to know where someone is buried please stop by or call the office during regular business hours.  

Romans 6 8 

The Catholic Church lights the way at all important moments of your life.  When you pass from this life, choose to let the Church support you.  By choosing a Catholic Cemetery as your final resting place, you reaffirm in death all of the traditions you loved in life.  You light a candle that will glow...faithfully...forever.

Now Is The Right Time To Make Pre-arrangements!

Cemetery staff is prepared to assist you with any questions you may have.  Don't let fear keep you from learning how easy, and cost effective, it is to make pre-arrangements.

Call today! 973-942-3368  Click here for cost information. 


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Cemetery and Mausoleum: Monday - Friday:
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday:
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