Holy Sepulchre Cemetery & Mausoleum is a sacred resting place dedicated to the memory of our dearly departed. The right of burial, or entombment, is conveyed through the burial, or entombment, privilege certificate. The ownership of land resides with the cemetery, and thus the responsibility for uniformity, public safety and beautification rests with cemetery personnel.

Cemetery employees work in the various sections of the cemetery on a regular basis. As part of their responsibilities, they maintain the beauty and safety of the cemetery. As instructed by the Cemetery Rules & Regulations, to ensure their safety, and the safety of all who visit the cemeteries, they are expected to remove decorations which are not in compliance.

Wind and Theft: Decorations may also be removed by either of these causes. As it is impossible for employees to be everywhere at all times, the cemetery cannot assume liability for decorations. When items are blown about, the grounds crew has no choice but to dispose of them as replacement at specific sites is not possible.

The following cemetery Rules and Regulations were established in 1992, and are posted at four entrances of the cemetery.


  •     Visiting Hours are from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm daily.
  •     Planting is limited to within one foot of the monument.
  •     Artificial flowers are permitted ONLY from November 1 to March 31.
  •     Christmas decorations are removed February 1, weather permitting.
  •     Flags are permitted from Memorial Day to July 4.
  •     Shrubs, Azaleas, Statues, Vases, Coping or Fencing of any kind are not permitted.
  •     Management is not responsible for any decorations.
  •     No food or beverages permitted on the property.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with the cemetery Rules and Regulations.


Mausoleum Decorations

Kindly refrain from adhering any cards or decorations to the crypts. Adhesives leave a permanent stain on the crypt-front that cannot be removed and, ultimately damage the marble or granite stone.  Only artificial flowers installed in vases are permitted.  Bronze vases are available for purchase by contacting the office at (973) 942-3368.


Holy Sepulchre Cemetery& Mausoleum es un lugar sagrado de descanso dedicado a la memoria de nuestros difuntos.  El derecho de enterramiento se transmite a través de certificado de privilegio de entierro.  La tierra es propiedad del cementerio.  La responsabilidad de uniformidad, seguridad pública y el embellecimiento corresponde al cementerio. Las siguientes reglas y regulaciones se establecieron en 1992 y se encuentran en cuatro entradas.


  •     Horario de Visitas:7:00 am – 5:00 pm diariamente
  •     Se limitaadornos florales dentro de un pie del monumento
  •     Se permiteflores artificiales desde el 1 de Noviembre hasta el 31 de Marzo
  •     Decoraciones deNavidad se permiten hasta el 1 de Febrero
  •     Banderas sonpermitidas desde el Día Conmemorativo (Memorial Day) hasta el 4 de Julio
  •     Arbustos,Estatuas, Floreros, o Cercas de cualquier tipo no se permiten
  •     La gerencia noes responsable por las decoraciones
  •     No se permite alimentos o bebidas en la propiedad.

Gracias por su cooperación y por cumplir con las reglas del cementerio.


9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
(973) 942-3368


Cemetery and Mausoleum: Monday - Friday:
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM